Pick 'n' Mix Treat Cup Party

What is a Treat Cup??


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Experience the same fun and excitement of your party guests choosing their own balloon models to take home but with the added extra of those models being made into their own personal balloon treat cup to take home in a more cost effective way. 


How does it work?


I will arrive in good time at your venue with everything I need. Your guests will grab their cup and get stuck into selecting from a choice of sweets and chocolates that will be lined up ready. Once their cups are full the lucky guests get to choose from a wide variety of models that I will twist on the spot for them and then attach it to their cup ready for them to enjoy at the party, or to save and take home! If time allows I will continue twisting more simple balloons while they play or dance, enjoying the rest of the time they are there with you, or for you to hand out as they leave. 


  • Other pre-made balloons can be organised in advance and left for you to hand out as guests leave. Further charges apply, please see “The Missing Twister” page for details.

  • You are only charged for the cups used. If you tell me 20 children are attending I will put out 20 cups. If more are needed, for example cups wanted for *siblings at home or a guest who could not attend, I will pass them out and make note of extras and amend the price accordingly. The same applies for cups not used. If cups are left over I will deduct from the total cost. 



Prices are based on normal Twist 'n' Shape party package rates PLUS £1.50 extra per CUP. For example;


1.5 hour party (£65) for 15 children (15x £1.50= £22.50) = £87.50 total

2.5 hour party (£85) for 30 children (30x £1.50 = £45) = £130 total

1 hour- £55 + £1.50 per cup

1.5 hours- £65 + £1.50 per cup

2 hours- £75 + £1.50 per cup

2.5 hours- £85 + £1.50 per cup

3 hours- £95 + £1.50 per cup

3.5 hours- £105 + £1.50 per cup

4 hours- £115 + £1.50 per cup


*  As it is pay per cup, it is the hosts responsibility to inform their guests of what is allowed. For example, only one cup per child and cups only for those who are attending as it is impossible for me to know how many children a parent has brought with them. 

* Music can be provided, further charges apply.

A Non Refundable Booking Fee (20%) is required to secure your place.

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