Party Packages

Twist 'n' Shape by the sea provides quality party entertainment for ages

3 years old and up. Take a look through the packages below to find the most

suitable one for your Childs age. The age ranges that have been set are not 

compulsory but are a recommendation set from experience with those ages. 

Twist 'n' Shape Party

(recommended age 3 years and over)

Simply put, Zoe will arrive at your venue ready to twist and shape all sorts of

designs! Not basic designs but fabulous creations that everybody will admire.

Time slots from only 1 hour. Prices start at just £55. Please click HERE for

FULL details.

Bubble Parties (currently unavailable)

(Recommended age 0 years and over)

Different bubble parties for those who adore bubbles. One of the most popular choices. From bubble making to bubble shows and having your photo taken inside a giant bubble. It's all here. Please click HERE for full details.

Sand Art Party

(recommended age 5 years and over)

A fantastic option for a quieter party and for those crafty kids! No need to supply party bags, that's all taken care of. Different options to choose from. Please click HERE for full details.

Balloon Twister Workshop

(recommended age 7 years and over)

Let your guests get creative. Zoe will teach everyone the basics from how to inflate a modelling balloon to producing their own designs. Please click HERE for FULL details.

The Missing Twister

(recommended age 3 years and over)

Are you holding your own party but would still like to provide balloon models to the children? Choose this option and Zoe will pre-make you a bundle of twisted creations to use as a unique party bag option or as prizes. Please click HERE for FULL details.

Balloon Treat Cups

(recommended age 3 years and over)

Take a look at Zoe's balloon treat cups, these amazing creations can be made to suit ANY theme! Order them filled with sweets/chocolates or a mixture of small toys too to provide your guests with the ultimate party bag to leave your party with. Many examples can be seen on the website but literally anything can be made so just Contact Zoe with your ideas. Please click HERE to see FULL details. 

Member of The Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA). Promoting and educating the correct use and disposal of balloons.