The Bite-Sized Complete Party

Perfect for smaller groups where guest numbers are less than 20, and particularly for really young children 3-4 years old. This Mini Party is similar to what Complete Party has on offer only bite-sized!














Suitable age range

Recommended 3-7 years

Minimum time 

90 minutes

Maximum time 

90 minutes​​

Set up and take down 

30 minutes required to set up, 30 minutes required to take down.


Because this is a more condensed show, venues can be much smaller. From homes to halls.

Maximum number of participants

20. Zoe guarantees that all guests will receive a balloon model. If there are no more than the maximum number.

What is included with my 90 minute party booking?

  • Simple balloon models for up to 20 guests, please take any siblings that will be present into consideration if you would like them to receive a balloon and prizes. Zoe can only stay at the venue for the time allocated, this usually cannot be extended as other bookings will be following. *NEW* Swap balloons for giant bubbles! Have a child with a latex allergy? Or that may be afraid of balloons? Or just want bubbles?? Now you can swap the balloon twisting for the 'Step inside a bubble' option, each child ca have a moment inside a giant bubble for a great photo!

  • Games

  • Prizes for all children 

  • A Birthday present for the Birthday child 

  • Disco playing popular and familiar tunes 

  • Disco lights 

  • Bubbles 

  • A WOW fancy sculpture for the Birthday child. 

Also included:

Travel costs*, Public Liability Insurance, DBS certificate, music licence (when required), set up and any equipment needed. All electrical equipment is up to date PAT tested, NO hidden costs!

How does the schedule work?

* Please note, the schedule below is an example only, the structure and timings of the party varies depending on guest numbers, age and audience. 


The first hour of the party will include party games and action songs. Children are encouraged to dance, move and be silly but understands that some children take a little longer to warm up and take part. Zoe will also use this time to give the Birthday child/ren their special balloon and present, of course singing Happy Birthday too.

The games used will depend on the age group and confidence of the children. Younger children will enjoy less challenging games such as pass the package, musical games, wheel of activities, picture and silly game, where older children will be able to do more team games. Either way, the Bite-Sized party is a perfect package for either younger children who may not be as confident and would prefer a calmer party. Or for those who want a shorter party and who may be carrying on with their own activities after. Prizes are supplied and vary, usually a mixture of sweets and small toys. Some games require audience (parents) participation that the children get very excited about.

After 1 hour it's a well earned break for food! 30 minutes for the children to refresh and when Zoe will begin making her way around the food table making balloons for the children to take home. **Food supplied by the party host**.

Do you allow joint Birthdays?

Yes! Every party includes one Birthday gift and one special balloon sculpture. For joint Birthday parties, please add £5 for each additional Birthday child who will be receiving a present and sculpture. 



A Non Refundable Booking Fee (20%) is required to secure your place.

Upgrade your balloon models to balloon 'party treat cups' for the ULTIMATE party bag. Starting

from just £1 per cup depending on what design you would like. Fantastic to go with any theme

and can be provided filled with sweets, chocolates and toys or left empty for you to fill with

what you want. For further details and examples of balloon treat cups please click HERE.


Travel costs

- *Up to 15 miles from NR27 no charge.

- 16-20 miles from NR27 = £5

- 21-25 miles from NR27 = £10

- 26-30 miles from NR27 = £15

- 31-35 miles from NR27 = £20

For further distances please use the contact page. 

Add ons

a. Add a Handheld Confetti Cannon. Add a shower of confetti for an exciting finale to your party! Your guests will enjoy this rainbow surprise. ONLY £4.


b. Add some decor to your venue. Sculptures, table centrepieces, arches and columns or Selfie Frames. Prices vary.

c. Add a 45 minute balloon twisting tutorial to your party and learn how to twist and shape something to take home for an additional £20. Recommended minimum age: 6 years.

d. *NEW* Add Glitter Tattoos to your party package. Details HERE.

Party Cup Example

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