The Missing Twister

Do you want to provide your child/ren and their guests with balloon models but don’t need a twister at your venue? This is the option for you. Zoe can provide bundles of balloons pre-made and ready for collection for you to hand out as prizes or favours. This is also a good option for those on a tighter budget. Choose from one of the bundles below. There are 4 different bundle types; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Stick to one bundle or mix and match from the lists below using the individual price options. If you have a theme or would like something slightly different from what you see please get in contact so we can come up with a bundle especially for you. Please note, the options here are just examples. Zoe will make almost anything but that is impossible to list everything on here!


NB: It is advisable that you order extra balloons as unlike when present at your venue Zoe cannot replace any pops!

*Delivery available, charges may apply. Please ask for details.

*Prices are based on differing factors. Quantity of balloons used, amount of time taken to build and the type of balloon used to make your model.

Click HERE for collection and delivery details.


Bronze Bundle- £25 for 20, and £1.25 each additional. £1.35 each for 10-20 items or £1.50 on single buys up to 10. 

Quick and simple, still provide lots of entertainment and smiles and contain many of the classics you probably know.

Silver Bundle- £35 for 20, and £1.75 each additional. £1.85 each for 10-20 items or £2 on single buys up to 10. 

These bring a bit more WOW in to your party using more balloons to create each piece.


Gold Bundle- £40 for 20, and £2 each additional. £2.25 each for 10-20 items or £2.50 on single buys up to 10. 

If you want your guests leaving with a HUGE smile on their face carrying their favourite characters, or wearing their balloon this is the bundle for you!

Platinum Bundle- £60 for 20, and £3 each additional. £3.25 each for 10-20 items or £3.50 on single buys up to 10.  

Simply put, these designs knock the socks off of children and parents alike! Not usually made at parties or events because of the time they take to make, using fancier balloons to create this exciting bundle they make the perfect party favours as your guests leave.

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