Stuffed Balloons

Stuffed balloons make an amazing unique gift for any occasion you can think of.

* Filled with gifts such as toys, flowers, sweets, chocolates, beer, wine, clothes and more! Alongside a mixture of balloons in your choice of colours and shapes to create a fun and beautiful gift, how do you get inside? Well you can either open it with a BANG or Zoe will show you how to crack it open quietly. Prices start from just £11 when you provide your own filling.

* Want something even more WOW and personalised? Then add a sculpture to the outside. Of the recipients favourite character, hobby or animal that you can remove when you want. Prices start from just £15 when you supply your own filling.

* Choose either a plain stuffing balloon or printed, various prints available. No extra charge.

* Gift Wrapping


Please contact me to discuss details.

Occasions to give a Stuffed Balloon:


Valentines Day


Baby Showers

New Mum/Dad

Fathers Day

Mothers Day




Well Done!


Any occasion you can think of..........

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Member of The Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA). Promoting and educating the correct use and disposal of balloons.