Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have a maximum or minimum number of guests?

For parties and special events (weddings etc) the maximum number is 20 per hour to ensure everyone gets a balloon. For other events there is no maximum, Zoe will just continue making balloons for as long as she is booked for. There is no minimum number of guests.

2. How long can I book you for?

Bookings can be from 1 hour for parties/special events and 1.5 hours for other events, to 6 hours for events and 4 hours for parties. For bookings more than 3 hours Zoe will require a 15 minute break.

3. What time will you turn up?

This varies on the type and structure of the event. We will discuss this at the time of booking.

4. How much in advance should I book you?

As soon as you can is the best answer. There are busy and quiet times of the year but if you have a certain date that you want to book, please do so asap to avoid disappointment. Then you can sit back and relax knowing your party is all taken care of.

5. What age range do you cater for?

3 to 103! Zoe has a wide range of sculptures to choose from, which are popular across all age groups. The minimum age is 3 years old to avoid the risk of choking on burst balloons. If you book Zoe and there are children younger than the age of 3 present then they are the hosts responsibility and this is done at their own risk. All clients are asked to sign an acknowledgement form to say they understand this. If Zoe believes a child is younger than 3 years she will only give the balloon to the responsible adult present.


6. How long will my balloon last?

This is an almost impossible question to answer because as we all know balloons can pop! The usual answer is this: Balloons are capable of lasting weeks, Zoe hears from clients who tell her that their sculptures are still standing some weeks and even months later. However sometimes they pop because they hit something sharp, sometimes the latex has a weakness or tiny hole in and sometimes heat can play a big part. Balloons hate heat and sunlight, that’s why if you’re at a summer fete and its a beautiful hot day you may hear a fair few pops! Balloons are made from natural latex and so are prone to a process called Oxidisation. This is where the latex slowly degrades over time causing the balloon to sag and become softer. Heat and air speeds this process up. So the best place to store your balloon is in the fridge!! OK so that’s not the most practical of places to keep your beautiful centrepieces so the next best thing is to follow these simple rules:


a. Keep your balloons inside where it’s cool (not in a hot car!!).

b. Do not display it on a windowsill where the sun is hitting it. 

c. This is a hard one. Do not bash it about too much. I know, children like to play with their balloons and that’s fine. Zoe wants that too and most of the time they are fine... Just try to be a little more gentle.

d. Zoe recommends you do not collect a balloon any later than 2 days before giving it to the person who will be receiving it because of the reasons already mentioned. She likes to build them the day before ideally so any weaknesses in the latex have a chance to show themselves but leaving it much later will mean the balloons are not at their best which she would not be happy to sell. 

7. How much in advance can I order or book?

As soon as you can! Especially for parties and events. Zoe does not like to disappoint anyone. For orders she usually says at least 2 weeks, but again the sooner the better, however this isn't fixed. If I have no orders booked for the day you want something made it's possible Zoe can do it. Please just contact her.

8. What is a 'Booking Fee'?

The Booking Fee is like a deposit, which is non-refundable. They are required to secure customer bookings. For parties and events, 20% of the total bill is usually required to secure a customers booking. For decor and sculptures, it is usually 50% of the total bill. However, these amounts may vary slightly. Booking fees help to cover costs that may occur through loss of work if the customer cancels their booking or materials that may have been purchased for a customers order. Bookings are held for 7 days to allow customers to pay the booking fee. If this is not paid within the 7 days the requested date will then be back open for others to book. 

9. What is the delivery charge?

Many items can be collected from Zoe directly or she is able to deliver to many areas in Norfolk. Zoe offers free delivery within Cromer and 50p per mile outside of Cromer. Larger items and decor often need her to deliver to the venue and set up. Sometimes she will need to complete building a big sculpture once she is at the venue. Zoe will discuss details at the time of booking. Some Items include delivery in the price, this will be stated on their page. Balloons delivered more than 10 miles from NR27 have a minimum order fee of £20 (plus delivery charge) and are subject to availability unless Zoe happens to be in the area. Please contact to enquire.

10. Are you insured?

Yes! We hold Public Liability insurance up to £5 million and are fully DBS (CRB) Checked.

11. What is QBN?

Please click HERE to read the QBN Code of Ethics.

12. What is BAPIA?

Please Click HERE to read the BAPIA Code of Ethics.

13. How far do you travel?

Zoe gets a lot of enquiries regarding whether she can travel long distances to entertain or make sculptures. She does! However, she will have to charge travel time and petrol costs, meals, and sometimes bed and board expenses. This can all soon add up. If you think this is still something you'd like to consider then please contact her to discuss it further.

14. Do you offer balloon releases?

Please click HERE for details.

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