Balloon Twisting

Entice people to your events by advertising that you'll have a Balloon Twister there for them, everyone Loves balloons! It really adds to the appeal for families to visit.


Available for working at Fetes, Fun Days, Festivals, and Special Events such as: Weddings, Anniversaries, Christenings, Christmas parties, Corporate parties, Stag and Hen parties and more!

Option 1. Unlimited Balloon Twisting, for a larger footfall. See below for details.

Option 2. Limited Balloon Twisting. Please click HERE for details. (For weddings/private parties etc).

Option 1. Unlimited Balloon Twisting.

Minimum age:


3 years

Minimum time:


1 hour - Indoor only where Zoe is in a building or a gazebo/marquee that is supplied and erected ready. Or 1.5 hours when outdoors where Zoe will bring her gazebo.

Maximum time:


6 hours (15 minute break is required after 3 hours)

Maximum number of guests:


Unlimited. Zoe will continue to twist until the time has lapsed. Models are based on a variety of factors such as ages, number of guests likely to arrive and the type of event. For fewer guests numbers Zoe is able to do more intricate designs and if there are a constant flow of visitors then the models are simpler for speed. However even the simpler models are great fun and Zoe always hears from people how unique her designs are. She will work with her clients to establish what sort of designs will work best.

What is included with my event booking?

Fast paced entertaining twisting, a balloon model of choice for as many visitors as Zoe can serve in the time allotted, *travel time, *petrol, repair and replacement of injured balloons if time allows, set up time, PL Insurance, DBS certificate and any other equipment needed. 

Travel costs

- *Up to 15 miles from NR27 no charge.

- 16-20 miles from NR27 = £5

- 21-25 miles from NR27 = £10

- 26-30 miles from NR27 = £15

- 31-35 miles from NR27 = £20

For further distances please use the contact page. 















Zoe provides discounts for charities and schools please contact her to discuss this.

Zoe offers discounts on multiple bookings.


Zoe will not work "for exposure" i.e. free. She is happy to come to an arrangement where both parties will benefit but asking her to work for FREE does not benefit her and is not fair. 

Zoe does not pay for pitches or sell balloons (only a select few events each year) however she is happy to put a donations bucket out for the public to add to your cause if they so wish.

Option 2: Limited Balloon Twisting

This is for events where approximate numbers of guests are known. Such as weddings or private parties etc. For full wedding entertainment ideas please look HERE.

Please note: Zoe will require a suitable place to twist balloons, such as shelter from hot sun and will not work outside in bad weather. 

Minimum age


3 years 

Minimum time


1 hour

Maximum time


4 hours

Maximum number of guests


20 per hour. Zoe guarantees all guests will receive a fabulous balloon model. If there are more than the maximum number, although it's not impossible she cannot guarantee all guests will receive a balloon within the time allocated. More time can be added.

What is included with my party booking?

Zoe will come and entertain your guests providing them each with their own model chosen from the option board, if it pops, don't worry, she has plenty of balloons! Travel time*, petrol*, Public Liability Insurance, DBS, set up and any equipment needed. NO hidden costs!



Start at £65 for the first hour and increase £10 for each additional 30 minutes.

Travel costs

- *Up to 15 miles from NR27 no charge.

- 16-20 miles from NR27 = £5

- 21-25 miles from NR27 = £10

- 26-30 miles from NR27 = £15

- 31-35 miles from NR27 = £20

For further distances please use the contact page. 

Add ons

a. Add some decor to your venue. Sculptures, table centrepieces, arches and columns or Selfie Frames. Prices vary.


Member of The Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA). Promoting and educating the correct use and disposal of balloons.