Children's Disco 

The disco entertainment is jam packed full of popular tunes both new and the classics. Set up includes bubbles and disco lights too! Zoe will provide ample dancing, action songs and fun games both traditional and unique to her shows. Prizes are also included for participants. 
Suitable for venues and events such as Holiday Parks, Schools, Clubs and private parties. Zoe likes to try and provide a mixture of entertainment and what she offers depends on the event she is working at and the children's ages and abilities. Options include a mixture of:
Balloon Models
Action Songs
Audience participation
Mini Balloon Workshop
Zoe can provide anything from just disco on it's own to all of the options above.
Please note: Zoe is NOT a professional DJ. Suitable music is used for children without bad language. A very large selection of popular music is provided keeping up to date with the latest chart releases and popular well loved tunes. Although the equipment used is perfect for children's discos it may not be adequate for those who would prefer a complete DJ set up.
Prices start from £100 please contact us to talk through your options. 
Discounts are applied for more than one event when booked in advance with the same organiser.
Travel Costs

- *Up to 15 miles from NR27 no charge.

- 16-20 miles from NR27 = £5

- 21-25 miles from NR27 = £10

- 26-30 miles from NR27 = £15

- 31-35 miles from NR27 = £20

For further distances please use the contact page. 

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