COVID-19 Garden Party Guide

Twist ’n’ Shape by the sea will be following the most updated guidance given to us by practicing, and encouraging others to practice the points below. The points in red MUST be adhered to, the ones in black are recommendations but still strongly encouraged by Zoe to help keep everyone safe.


  • Anyone who is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or is feeling unwell MUST NOT attend the party and should quarantine for 14 days.


  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance/exit and placed around the venue. Everyone attending MUST use this before entering.


  • Maximum number of people allowed within the party is 30. All people present must be counted (children invited, siblings, parents, hosts, entertainer). 


  • Maximum number of children allowed to participate is 20. 


  • There should only be 1 adult per child attending if the parents decide to stay. In the case of older children, please encourage parents to drop children off and collect later.


  • Groups should only sit within their bubble. Chairs for adults staying should be 2 metres (or at least 1m+) apart from other groups. 


  • Invited children will be allocated their own coloured ‘bubble’ to sit on for the duration of the party. These are 2m apart or 1m+ if 2m is not possible. On the bubble is a number and a sticker for the child to wear with a matching number. This number will be used throughout the party when children are called upon for instances such as collecting their balloon. 


  • Prizes (sweets/stickers) are only given out that the end of the party with the balloon. These are pre-packaged in advance and bagged up in sanitary conditions.


  • Balloon modelling will be created individually. Children will be called by their allocated number. They will stand on the “rainbow” mat where they can choose from a variety of designs. Zoe will then build their balloon for them. Once made, the balloon is placed into a “tub”, Zoe will then stand back and tell the child when it is safe to collect. 


  • Music will be kept much quieter than in previous parties, this is to prevent children and adults shouting to each other. This is a safety measure to prevent airborne particles from being transferred.


  • Games played will be non-contact and children will be on their allocated bubble.


  • It is recommended that no buffet food is served, to reduce any risk of virus transfer. The advice is to ask parents to bring along a pack up for their child or to pre-prepare in advance individual boxes or plates of food. Using disposable containers. 


  • Children will be asked to wash hands and use sanitiser before and after eating.


  • Consider asking parents to bring their own child's drink receptacle or in the very least, provide disposable named cups for each person.


  • If including a Birthday cake with candles, consider individual cupcakes with one allocated for the Birthday child with a candle to blow out. This is to prevent the child spreading airborne particles over the whole cake but still allows for the fun!


  • Parents/carers will be asked to stick to all of the guidance and MUST monitor the child they bring by ensuring they understand too. If Zoe feels they are putting others and herself at risk then they will be asked to leave or Zoe will unfortunately have to end the party.


  • In the event of bad weather and there is no cover to proceed outside these are the options: Postpone the party for another day (free of charge), move the the party indoors (ONLY if there is enough space for everyone to socially distance.) Or finally, Zoe can just make balloons for the children instead if there is no room for much movement.


Your Entertainer:


  • If Zoe is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or is feeling unwell she will not attend the party and will quarantine for 14 days. In the event of this happening, you will be offered a refund or to postpone.


  • Zoe will need an area to set up where she can distance herself away from everyone attending. This area will be taped off to discourage the children from entering. As Zoe will be a safe distance from everyone, she will not be wearing a mask for the games section of the party. A microphone is used so there will be no need for raising her voice.


  • All equipment used is cleaned prior to each party. Zoe is only attending one event/party per day.


  • When the balloons are being made, Zoe will be wearing a mask to prevent any airborne particles being transferred to the models. Zoe will still be distanced from the children during this time and hand sanitiser will be used between each balloon model.


  • Whilst Zoe is entering/exiting and setting up/clearing up please help by keeping everyone a safe distance during this time.

Member of The Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA). Promoting and educating the correct use and disposal of balloons.