Bubble Shows

Children (and adults) go mad for bubbles, and when the giant ones come out, there is no hiding the absolute joy they bring. Zoe can provide streams of giant bubbles to display at your outdoor event, let the public have a go and then the only problem you have is trying to get them to stop... With Zoe's secret bubble mixture recipe they are longer lasting, perfect for the best and biggest bubbles. Zoe has come up with a variety of different bubble entertainment packages with even more to come in the near future. 

Please contact Zoe for prices and further details.

Step Inside a Bubble

This is an indoor activity (no wind). Your visitors will get their time inside a bubble for a fantastic photo opportunity. 

Outdoor Bubble Entertainment

Zoe will arrive with a large variety of bubble wants that produce all kinds of bubbles from the HUMONGOUS to trillions of bubbles streaming through the air!! Also, wands will be provided for visitors to have their go.

Bubble Workshop

Zoe will provide materials and instructions on how to create giant bubble mixture, a variety of wands that can be taken away and mini games and competitions.

Bubble Show


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