Balloon Twister Workshop (Birthdays)

This party package is guaranteed to fill a room with a lot of giggling and really gets the creative juices flowing as well as being very educational. A perfect choice for older children especially. Zoe teaches the children how to handle and twist different size balloons to create many glorious masterpieces.

Suitable age range

Recommended 7+ years (younger guests are welcome but it is advised that a grown up assists them)

Minimum time

1 hour 

Maximum time

2 hours

Set up and take down

30 minutes to set up, 30 minutes required to take down.


Hall, house, shed, anywhere! 

Maximum number of guests


What is included with my 2 hour party booking?

With some quiet disco music in the background, Zoe will begin with the basics of how to inflate a modelling balloon, health and safety, how to handle and feel comfortable with the balloons and then how to start twisting. 

Zoe will walk through some simple designs that the children follow along to before setting them some fun competitions that allow the children to create their own designs, solo and as teams. Prizes are provided, a Birthday present and special sculpture made by Zoe for the Birthday child and all balloon models that are made on the day can be taken home. For a 2 hour package a food break will take place for 20 minutes where the disco will continue in the background before continuing with the competitions. 

Do you allow joint Birthdays?

Yes! Every party includes one Birthday gift and one special balloon sculpture. For joint Birthday parties, please add £5 for each additional Birthday child who will be receiving a present and sculpture. 


1 hour- £100

2 hours- £150 (includes a 20 minute food break)

A Non Refundable Booking Fee (20%) is required to secure your place.

Upgrade your balloon models to balloon 'party treat cups' for the ULTIMATE party bag. Starting

from just £1 per cup depending on what design you would like. Fantastic to go with any theme

and can be provided filled with sweets, chocolates and toys or left empty for you to fill with

what you want. For further details and examples of balloon treat cups please click HERE.

Travel costs

- *Up to 15 miles from NR27 no charge.

- 16-20 miles from NR27 = £5

- 21-25 miles from NR27 = £10

- 26-30 miles from NR27 = £15

- 31-35 miles from NR27 = £20

For further distances please use the contact page. 



Add ons


a. Add some decor to your venue. Sculptures, table centrepieces, arches and columns or Selfie Frames. Prices vary.

b. Add a Handheld Confetti Cannon. Add a shower of confetti for an exciting finale to your party! Your guests will enjoy this rainbow surprise. ONLY £4.

c. *NEW* Add Glitter Tattoos to your party package. Details HERE.

Party Cup Example

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