Balloon Displays


Air-filled designs are becoming increasingly popular. Not only because they look stunning but also for their versatility. There are many more designs we can create using just air alone and usually they are much longer lasting, making them better value, more environmentally friendly and air is always there. Sometimes, helium can be difficult to acquire if there is a helium shortage and often, the price of it fluctuates greatly. Recently, the cost of helium has risen massively making simple party balloons very expensive to buyers and of course if helium prices rise, so do our balloon prices. However, we don't need to worry, with a little imagination and a lot of enthusiasm, Zoe can create you displays that will complete your venue and delight your guest. Made in any size, any theme and for anyoccasion from gifts to venue decoration. 

Member of The Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA). Promoting and educating the correct use and disposal of balloons.